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Talent Solutions For Employers and Businesses

Talent Solutions by WorkSource Spokane offers a comprehensive suite of services to assist employers with their talent acquisition needs.

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Consultants at our Talent Solutions Center will keep you informed with upcoming hiring events, workshops, and the talent solutions trends.

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Incentivized Hiring
Low-cost onboarding options 
Whether your business receives training wage reimbursements or labor tax incentives, our programs will help make an impact on your bottom line.
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Customized Recruiting
Tailored recruitment efforts
Talent Solutions Consultants are ready to learn about your business and match qualified candidates that will fit your company's culture.
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Labor Market Information
Learn about your industry
Take advantage of our advanced Labor Market Information insight and receive continuous support in understanding the metrics and trends.
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Employer Events
Weekly, monthly, and seasonal events
Your recruiters can sign-up for one of our year-round hiring events, recruiter-specific workshops, and/or business-related webinars. 
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Layoff Response Services
Affected workforce support
We support your business through potential layoffs and connect the affected worker(s) to WorkSource Spokane's reemployment services.
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Click here to post a job on's free job postings
The statewide portal also allows recruiters to review résumés, screen potential candidates, and store your past, present, and future job descriptions.
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