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Meet the Team

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Our goal is to help your business thrive. We specialize in helping you find the right talent for your business.

We have current labor market information and partner with many local agencies and organizations to help you find the best long-term strategy and build a robust talent pool. 

Our Consultants

Talent Solutions Consultants are business-focused and dedicated to developing talent acquisition opportunities in our area's five targeted sectors and protected communities. Let our consultants help with your recruiting, hiring, and talent needs.

For general questions, including requests for assessments, contact us by phone at (509) 532-3186 or email at

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Ariel McClair

Healthcare Sector

Phone: (509) 378-0904, call or text

Manufacturing Logo
Sondra Barrington

Manufacturing Sector

Phone: (509) 890-3486, call or text

Michael Anderson

Professional, Scientific & Technical Sectors

Phone: (509) 530-0734, call or text

Finance Symbol

Josh Monroe

Finance & Insurance Sectors

Phone: (509) 530-0737, call or text

Transportation Symbol

Brett Oliveri

Transportation & Warehousing

Phone: (509) 530-0731, call or text

Other industries icon
Nick Hughes

Other Sectors

Phone: (509) 720-7640, call or text

Veteran Services logo
Hannah Schoepp

Hiring Veterans

Phone: (509) 532-3101, call or text


Talent Solutions Center | 140 S. Arthur Street, Suite 300B | Spokane, WA | 99202

(509) 532-3186 |


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