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Candidate Matching


Candidate matching is the process of matching the right person to the right job based upon the individual's skills, experience, and inherent motivational strengths.  It requires a thorough understanding of the job and the candidate under consideration. At WorkSource Spokane, we strive to establish strong relationships with the job candidates connected to our center.  Career mapping, interest assessments, and skill-based orientation are core elements in our career coaching strategies. Talent Solutions by WorkSource Spokane combines our knowledge of your business and your talent needs to match interested candidates to your available job openings.  Leveraging our collective knowledge of our candidates, we find matches and connect them to your business via your application process.


Enhances your recruitment process, allowing for the selection of superior performers

Increases employee engagement and adds to the workplace culture

Reduces turnover rates and improves retention of high performers


Support for your business

  • Industry tours - showcase your company's culture while providing first-hand knowledge of your business to a group of prospective candidates
  • - a statewide recruitment website with applicant matching and candidate spotlight features that allow you to find the right talent for your business 
  • Work Experience (WEX) - trial work period where the WorkSource Spokane campus serves as the candidate's "employer" for up to 240 hours, paying all of the wages, taxes, and worker's compensation costs
  • Internships and mentorships - candidates learn directly from businesses about their respective industry and on how to be successful within the role

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