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Job Post Crafting


Job postings and job descriptions are similar, but not the same thing.  In today’s competitive market for talent, it’s more important than ever to effectively advertise your job openings.  You can attract the best talent to your business by writing a job ad that provides a good idea of what a day’s work will include, but does not go through all of the details.  Allow the reader an opportunity to see your company as a place they will be valued.  Highlight salary, benefits, and any of several other attractive workplace features, like a flexible schedule, or a great location.


A well-written job post allows your audience to quickly and more accurately determine if your job is the right fit for them

Discover new ways to market your business, including successful employee narratives in your sales pitch

Reach a wider pool of the best candidates by adapting your job post to be easily viewed on a mobile device


Support for your business

  • Labor market information - we can help you determine a competitive wage range based on market analysis
  • Recruitment assistance - a dedicated Talent Solutions Team member can assist you to write a compelling job post
  • Job posting template - request a copy of our easy-to-follow template

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